If you would like to set up a bookstore event contact me at colleenmuske@gmail.com

I am excited for school visits! 

I am currently setting up school visits for elementary- middle grade age children. As both an author and illustrator, I can gear my visit towards writing, illustrating or both. 

I love to write stories about animals and nature. Most of my writing is inspired by my lived experiences. Having children read my stories and look at my illustrations is so much fun and I am looking forward to inspiring a new generation of readers, writers and artists. Also, I LOVE schools and educators! I was once an elementary school secretary in a school of 1200 students. 

My program can include:

  • Reading of Linden, The Story of a Tree.
  • A talk about using real life events to create your own story.
  • General discussion on how picture books are created.
  • A talk about how and why nature is important-using Linden as reference.
  • A demonstration on creating your own picture book- where students can create a picture book of their own, after my visit.
  • A step-by-step interactive activity, helping students write, draw and make their own picture book (older elementary aged children- Middle school aged children). This would be a 1-2 classroom, 1/2-day visit. Some pre-visit work by students required - using my materials for creating their own stories. 
  • Drawing demonstration.
  • How to illustrate a picture book - process from sketches to final art from Linden.
  • Q&A

I prefer single classrooms, but I am able to do larger groups (under 100). My fee includes 3-4 presentations per visit or 1 large group. Fee's range from $500-$800 (plus travel expenses if outside the Twin Cities) depending on the program. 

Please contact me for more information



Contact me for more information





Come hang out with me at Fitger's in Duluth, MN

I will be signing books and handing out swag!